6 days post-op, after getting drains removed

I’m now 9 days post-op from Top Surgery and feeling great. I have to be careful not to do too much, because I feel so good but still need downtime for optimum healing.

I went off the codeine completely on Sunday, and am just taking a couple of extra strength Tylenol once or twice a day. The drains came out on Monday, and they were definitely the most painful part of healing. With them out, I have minimal pain, and it seems worse in the middle of the night and first thing in the morning.

I saw Dr. Bowman for a check-up on Tuesday, exactly one week post-op, and he said I was healing up very nicely and was well on my way to being one of the 60% who don’t require any revisions.

I have a gauze bandage over each nipple still, mostly just to protect them from friction. The “steri-strips” remain over the stitches around my areolas and will stay there until they naturally fall off.  I’m also wearing a compression vest. I believe I’ll wear this for 4-6 weeks to keep my chest skin from sagging.

I am elated with how everything has gone!!