Top surgery? Check!

I did it! This is just a quick update to say that my surgery two days ago went really well. I was remarkably calm going into it, and everything was over in a heartbeat, thanks to some pretty sweet drugs they gave me. Originally, there wasn’t going to be any nipple work done, but the surgeon suggested some nipple reduction right before going in, so I got a bonus procedure.

I’m taking one to one and a half codeine every 4 hours, some antibiotics, and arnica. I feel like I took a couple of soccer balls to the chest, but it’s not too bad. The drains are definitely the worst part; I’m ultra protective of them.

My GF is easily the best part–she’s been AWESOME! She takes wonderful care of me.

In a few hours, we’ll start the trek back home, a 6 hr trip. It will be a bit tiresome, but I’ll just put one foot in front of the other, and I’ll be really relieved to be home.

We’ll come back to Vancouver next week for another overnight for a post-op check up.

More details to come…


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