Will testosterone grow me an apple?

I went to a local community event today and one of my rural neighbours asked me if I will develop an Adam’s Apple.

Surprisingly, I have only come across one mention of an Adam’s Apple in FTM transition guides and literature. This handout published by Dimensions at the Castro-Mission Health Center in San Francisco, CA eight years ago suggests that testosterone will “cause your Adam’s Apple and bones in your face to thicken and look more masculine.”

So, what’s the scoop? Will testosterone grow me a New York-sized apple or a crab apple?

The irony is not lost on me: I planted a Mac/Spartan hybrid apple tree to mark my first shot of testosterone.

UPDATE: On testosterone and Adam’s Apples: “The cartilage of the larynx grows… [and] tilts slightly, resulting in a bump on the throat—the Adam’s Apple.” (Source: Testosterone and the Trans Male Singing Voice)


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