Counting down to top surgery

Yes, I can admit it: I am starting to feel a little weak. This final countdown to my top surgery is a bit exhausting. I’ve worked hard to get here, and the total self-obsession over the past 6 months or so is taking its toll. (Imagine what I will be able to do with all this brain power once I’m no longer constantly thinking about getting surgery!) With each passing day, I’m having a harder and harder time concentrating in the office. I have responsibilities I must fulfill before I take time off, but I really just feel like watching baseball. I also have some physical labor around the property that I need to take care of since I won’t be able to do those tasks for a couple of months after surgery. Oh well, one foot in front of the other! In just one week, I’ll be kicking back at my hotel, watching baseball… post-op!


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