Bad press presents an opportunity for LGBT community

I was sent a link via the CTFFR mailing list today to a new commentary posted on The Advocate website about Thomas Beatie and trans visibility in the media. I have touched on my feelings about some of this in recent posts and comments, and find that Simon Aronoff makes some excellent points.

Whatever we feel about Beatie’s decision to go uber public is now a moot point–the bad press is already out there. As Aronoff succinctly points out, there is now an opportunity for the LGBT community to “educate national audiences on queer families, the realities of transmen’s bodies, the ability of an individual to identify as male and to give birth, the inhumane obstacles to basic health/prenatal care that Thomas has faced, and the need for a safe school environment when the little Beattie goes to kindergarten.” He goes on to say:

There is a media vacuum waiting to be filled, and if pro-LGBT voices don’t step up to fill it, we will be left with Letterman’s “androgynous freak show” comments and the Globe’s comparisons to incest and forced polygamy with nothing to balance the story. And that will hurt us all long after this labor of love is welcomed into the world.

Well put, Mr. Aronoff!


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