Talking trans with a toddler, part 3

My nephew left last week, but we had the chance to get some closure on our discussions about my transition (I can barely believe that I had these talks with a kid who isn’t even three yet!) I asked him again if he thought I was a boy or a girl, and he finally answered hesitantly, “A girl?” I said “Well, what you would you think if I was a girl turning into a boy?” His answer? “That’s cool.”

During another chat, he asked me if I was a “daddy”, which I thought was interesting.

As for his question about “auntie” and what to call me, together we settled on “Monkey Uncle.” [lots of giggles]

During the last two days of his visit, he got quite attached to me and was way more touchy-feely, where he’d been more touch-shy at the beginning of his stay. He freely kissed me and told me he loved me. No transphobia in this boy! This makes me one lucky Monkey Uncle.


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