I got my first shot of T yesterday: April 2, 2008

Prescription for Depo-Testosterone

I visited with my family doctor in the morning and we reviewed the recent blood test results and report from the endocrinologist, which were normal. She asked when I wanted to start. My response: TODAY! So, she gave me a prescription for a 10ml vial of Depo-Testosterone (cypionate) in oil (100 mg per ml).

I immediately left for town to pick up the goods at the Wal-Mart pharmacy (cost: $28.01 + $7.98 fee = $35.99). I would like to learn how to do this myself, but for now I’ll get the shots—50mg to start—at the office.

I didn’t really feel anything with the injection, just a very small pin prick. Immediately however, I felt something different coursing through my system, like an adrenaline rush after I get stung by a wasp. I also noticed a different taste in my mouth within a few minutes.

I went for a my daily hike to the beach with my dog afterwards and noted I felt a distinct sense of calm. For many months now, my daily walk has been the theatre for my T thoughts—the hike has provided the time and focus to contemplate testosterone and what it would/will mean to me. On this day though, I was free from all of that. What I had been thinking about for months had come to fruition. Now the real adventure starts!

That evening, I hiked out to a quiet place on my land with my dog and cat, and we planted a Mac/Spartan apple tree to commemorate the day.