Trans spread in The Province

When I saw Dr. Bowman in February, he mentioned that The Province (a Vancouver newspaper) would soon be publishing a big spread on transgenderism, timed with a government decision regarding funding for a BC-based SRS program. These were published on Sunday:

1. Sex-change tourists
Critics say B.C. is wasting thousands of dollars by sending transgendered patients to Quebec for specialized surgery we could do here

Comment: Wow, I can’t believe that the government denied funding the program and blamed Dr. Bowman for their decision! Do they actually think that it’s in the best interest of the patient’s health to have them flying around the country after surgery? What about after care? I’m speechless.

2. In love with a man who identified as a woman
At first, Jayne Doxtater thought he was having an affair

Comment: I read a number of US websites and their coverage of Thomas Beattie, and was really disheartened by the negative (and ignorant) comments left on those articles. I was very pleased to see that Canadians appear to be better educated and more tolerant and compassionate–the comments on this story are largely supportive and positive. Canucks rock!

3. ‘It wasn’t my choice to be a transgender’

Comment: I find this article sad, specifically that William felt his parents would be upset with him for being trans (which I’m sure is very common, but super hard for a teenager to have to go through), but even worse, that his mother has stated in a provincial newspaper that, “I still keep trying to figure out whether I did something wrong when I was pregnant. I myself think it’s a type of birth defect.” A birth defect. Nice way to look at your child! This seems really self-centered, like it’s about HER. She does recover somewhat with this comment: “I told him he was conceived in love, and he will always be loved. I said we will do everything we can to help him on his journey, and through life.” Sadly though, the whole family, including William, seem to look at this as a really unfortunate situation. I know this is how many transmen feel, but I simply refuse to look at myself and think I’m a mistake or that something is wrong with me. There just isn’t much chance for a truly happy ending with that kind of outlook. I prefer to think of this as a challenge, yes, but also as something that makes me… special. Oh, and phalloplasty is NOT experimental surgery!


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