Appointment booked for first shot of testosterone

I called my family doctor’s office today to see if they had the report from the endocrinologist in hand: nada. They did receive the blood work report back from the lab, but nothing in from Dr. van den Berg’s office. It had been two weeks since my appointment with the endo and I was told that my doctor would have the report within a “couple of days.”

I called Dr. van den Berg’s office: the report was faxed on March 13. Hmm. As it turns out, they faxed it to my doctor’s PHONE number, not the FAX number. This means that they would have received a failed fax notice and chose to ignore it (I guess) and just hoped that the fax would make it to its intended destination regardless. (I’m not sure why I’m the one who has to track these things down, but it only took a few minutes.)

The report was faxed to my doctor today, and I have an appointment with her next Wednesday, April 2. Barring anything unexpected in Dr. van den Berg’s report, I will get my first shot of testosterone in less than 8 days. WOW.


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