Shaving and the Herban Cowboy

On Good Friday, I celebrated the Full Moon and my 34th birthday. One of the things my GF gave me was this:

Herban Cowboy

I love the gender bending packaging!!

Yesterday, on the first full day of being 34, I shaved my face. Being hippie-inclined, I can’t say I ever got a lot of experience shaving as a woman. Eventually, I’d like to shave with a safety razor, but it’s a skill I’ll need to work up to. Since I haven’t even started on T yet, all I shaved was the peach fuzz on my cheeks and above my lip, but regardless, it was a powerful experience. (T-men can laugh now!) I have a light sand paper texture above my lip and it feels SO familiar.

In a sensitive moment last night, my GF revealed that she missed my peach fuzz. I know that shaving has much greater implications than the simple fun of it that I experienced yesterday. We’ll just have to take it one step at a time.


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