I’ve been through a name change before. When I was a teenager, I moved my Dad’s last name to a middle name and took my Mom’s last name. My motivation was merely that I wanted to have both my parents’ last names. Since then, regulations have changed and I live in a another province, and my motivations are completely different this time around!

The change of name should be pretty straightforward: I will apply for a change of name with the province of BC, and will need to send them my Ontario-issued change of name certificate that I got as a teenager. Then, I will send my new BC change of name cert and my ON change of name cert to Quebec, and will apply for a new birth certificate. (When I changed my name previously, Quebec would not issue me a new birth certificate–I have to carry the old one with my old name, along with the ON change of name certificate. Apparently, this is no longer the case.)

Getting the gender marker changed on my ID is a longer and more involved process. Quebec requires trans men to have top surgery, 12 months of testosterone therapy and a hysterectomy before they can apply for the gender marker change. They also require that you have lived in Quebec for the past year! This makes things particularly tricky for me, and BC can’t help me out with this as I was not born in BC. Talk about falling through the cracks! I am in contact with a trans activist in Montreal who is in discussions about this issue with État civil. I’m nowhere near to meeting the requirements for this part of my transition yet, but it looks like this will take a good amount of time to complete, so I’m happy to have started the process of investigations.