Gender changers

Before I launch into all seriousness with my Testosterone Self-Assessment Blog Post Series, I thought it would be fun to blog about something humorous for a change.

If you’re familiar at all with Gmail, then you’ve seen the ad placements down the right hand side of your Gmail user interface. These are contextual ads served up by Google’s AdWords platform. The ad serving is designed to match advertisers’ offers to what you and your contacts are writing about in your emails. While reviewing an email on the topic of gender and hormones, I saw these ads displayed:


(Red outlines added by me.)

I don’t see how a CRM vendor guide is at all related, but we’ll just leave that one for now. MtF surgery is just about a simple choice between five options! Bargain prices on MtF? These gals have it easy!

I was curious… could there be “smart deals” available for FtM’s too? I clicked the link over to Shopzilla… (I’m happy to use up some of their ad budget for showing me these stupid ads. Hello, PPC manager! Have you heard of negative keywords??)


Hallelujah, I found a wide variety of gender changers available, most for under $5! Why is no one talking about these on the trans mailing lists??

Alas, I didn’t find anything specifically for female to male, but maybe one of these “male/female” mini changers would work?


Well, grab my clipboard! This calls for a whole other series of questions to bring to my doctor!


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