Sobriety: Day 33

Well, well, this sobriety thing has been easier than I thought it would be! I got out of the habit of smoking pot within a week of giving it up. My dreaming has come back, and that has disrupted my sleep a bit, but I’ve also been sick and overworked, so this too is a likely factor. I haven’t even thought of booze. Instead, I’ve been quaffing pints of soda water mixed with fresh squeezed grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime. Again, this has been inspired by the 2-week flu I had, now followed by a head cold.

Socially, it’s been OK too. When I recently met up with a group of transmen, I brought along some nonalcoholic beer. As a fourth generation brewer, this seemed a little blasphemous, but the German stuff is actually very good: nice and hoppy, just the way I like it. Being the only one also not smoking pot that night, I felt a little like a narc–such a strange feeling for someone who has celebrated their stoner nature for some 20 years!

I attended a work-related conference this past week, and there were two social nights with open bars. In the past, I would have viewed this as a great opportunity for me to drink and ignore people. Without drinking though, ignoring people is not quite as entertaining. (I have never attended these gatherings for the social part, just the free drinks.) Needless to say, I simply retreated to the solitude of my hotel suite.

Sobriety does seem to have brought on a detox that I think has weakened my immune system a bit. I suffered for two weeks with a really nasty flu in January, and this morning woke up (if I can say that–I didn’t really sleep) with a head cold! I hadn’t been sick in several years, and now I’m getting whacked.

All in all, I’m pleased with myself and am actually enjoying being “straight” for a change. I’m also very happy about how this has made weight loss easier. (Want to lose weight? Stop drinking!) My focus is stronger, fueling my drive to earn and save so I can book that top surgery date as soon as possible!


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