Surgical consultation booked

When I saw Dr. Preece on Wednesday, she asked me if I had selected a surgeon for chest surgery yet. I told her that Dr. Brownstein was my first choice, but that I would certainly consider Dr. Bowman if would be able to take me on as a private client. Going on bits and pieces of information, and a lack of email response from his office, I had assumed that he was not doing any consultations or surgeries at this time, government and privately funded alike. Dr. Preece was surprised by this, and indicated that further investigation might be a good idea. Encouraged, I contacted Dr. Bowman’s office today and was informed that my assumptions were indeed incorrect: he’s not able to provide any government funded services, but can service private pay clients.

I now have an appointment for a surgical consultation with Dr. Bowman in Vancouver on February 28! If I do end up selecting him, I stand to save quite a bit of money with reduced travel expenses, and won’t have to find two weeks of care for my dog and cat (a prospect which I was not pleased about in the least.)


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