A happy pronoun moment

Without trying, I often pass as a guy. Not reliably so, but it’s certainly not uncommon. The other day I was sitting in the waiting room at my doctor’s office waiting to get blood taken for a cholesterol test. There were  six or seven other patients in the room, half of whom I knew–it’s a small community that I live in. The receptionist was trying to figure out what order we had arrived in. An elderly gentleman gestured in my direction and said, “He just got here”. I smiled on the inside, but made no outward expression as I was talking to a woman who knows me as female. The receptionist (who knows me quite well, but is unaware of my trans nature) corrected the man, and he sent a loud and embarrassed apology my way. I ignored it, just pretending not to hear him.

After my blood test, I went to the bakery for some pizza found myself walking behind the elderly gent on the way back to my car. I stopped to thank him. “Sir? I just wanted to say ‘thank you’. You were right about me. You got me right. Thank you!” He smiled, but man, he looked confused!!


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