Yes! I’ve decided on my new name.

I’ve actually already been through one name change in my life, adding my mom’s last name. This time around, I’m adding two more. There will never be enough boxes on forms to write them all in, but it’s like my “show name.”

My given first name is a good one because it’s a great female name, and also shortens to a male name. Now, on it’s own the shorter male name isn’t much of a “show name”, so rather than just shorten my first name, I’m changing it to a very similar name that will allow me to still use that short name, but also gives me something new. It’s a Tibetan name. I obtained this information from a monk that I know:

The name is a critical concept in Buddhist lore. Its Sanskrit equivalent is dhyAna from which the word Chan in Chinese and Zen in Japanese are directly derived. It refers to the direct experience of deep meditative absorption, stable attention of an undistracted and resolved mind abiding one-pointedly unmixed with defilements of grasping, clinging or ignorance. It is one of the three trainings of ethical behavior and discerning wisdom. It is also one of the six paramitas, transcendent virtues, or perfections: generosity caritas, ethical behavior, forbearance-patience, energy-diligence, meditation-concentration, transcendental wisdom.

Whew, I’ll spend a lifetime living up to that one!

My second name will be Joshua, and my third will be Riverdale, which is a combination of my GF’s German-rooted last name translated to English plus my original middle name.