Unless a surgeon works under the informed consent model, patients need a letter from  a mental health professional recommending FTM Top Surgery as a medically required treatment. In British Columbia, you have to see a MSP surgical assessor if you are having the government health care system pay for your surgery. If you are having the surgery done privately, you have more choice over who you can see for the required letter of support.

I’m weighing my options:

Dr. Gail Knudson (psychiatrist)

  • Pros: Located in Victoria, a little closer to me than Vancouver. MSP assessor–if I see her, I could change my mind and pursue government funded surgery.
  • Cons: More expensive at $360. Wait list: 6 weeks. Possibly a more “clinical” approach, rather than therapeutic. Can’t find any info about her online.

Dr. Melady Preece (psychologist)

  • Pros: Highly recommended. Can get an appointment sooner. Suspected to have a more therapeutic approach–I’m totally into getting some counseling in addition to the letter of support. More affordable at $120-140.
  • Cons: Vancouver is a longer trip.

I told my doctor that I will get in touch with Dr. Preece to find out how soon I could see her, then I will contact my doctor to let her know who I have chosen to see.

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