First talk with my family doctor

I saw my family doctor today to tell her that I want chest surgery. Despite the fact that I really like my doctor, I was more nervous than I thought I would be.

I didn’t get the feeling that she had treated an FTM person before, and she seemed relieved that I brought her some reading materials. In particular, I provided her with the WPATH Standards of Care, information sheets I put together about the three surgeons I am considering (Brownstein in SF, Bowman in Vancouver, and Silverman in Ottawa), additional info sheets on both Dr. Preece and Dr. Knudson (one of whom I will need to see to obtain a letter of readiness for chest surgery) and photos of some “wonder chests”, as I call them, showing off Dr. Brownstein’s handiwork.

I had some trouble tracking down contact info for Dr. Knudson, so my doctor is going to look her up and contact her office regarding a surgical assessment appointment.


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